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Despite the challenges of Covid-19, WPSRC was able to remain open following Covid protocols and restrictions in 2020. While Covid-19 is still with us, we are confident that this swim season will allow for expanded use, or at a minimum, we'll have the same protocols that were in place at the end of last season. 


If you are new to WPSRC, here's a little information that might be helpful to you. Our pool is managed by SwimMetro Management, Inc. The pool is "Z" shaped. The center area is 25-meters with 6 lanes. There are two additional swimming areas on either end. One of these areas is shallow with wide steps and depths as low as 2 feet and is ideal for small children.

On the opposite side of the pool is a diving well area with a diving board and a 8 foot platform tunnel slide. There is a separate baby pool in its own fenced-in area. There are an ample number of chaises, chairs, tables and umbrellas. A large permanent roof awning attached to the clubhouse provides a large area of shade with individual ceiling fans for added comfort. The pool is rarely crowded. A staff of three professional lifeguards is on duty at all times.

Covid-19 Screening Protocol